Friday, December 28, 2012


Hello to you all!:)
Hoping everybody is nice and cozy today! *shiver* We have tons of snow and it is FRE-EZ-ING! Only 26 degrees! *shiver* Well, this is going to be one super long post but aren't Christmas posts always?:) Here we go!
I woke up at about seven after a very long night-
does it seem that way to you too? I think Christmas
Eve is the longest night of the year!

Dad was already up and then a few minutes after, Anna and the
boys came down so I took advantage of the moment and took
some pictures!

They would not cooperate for a group shot:P

Then, when Mom and Owen got up,
it was present time! Dad and I made
Mom this mug at Get Fired Up-she
loved it!

Then, Dad gave her this necklace from her friend Katie's Etsy shop-
Near The Willows-look her up on Etsy! She has some beautiful stuff!

Then, after we had gotten to all the presents, this is what
our family room looked like.

Anna was in a purple fuzzy world of delight with her new purple
pajamas, purple bathrobe, and purple slippers!

Anna and I got our first hoops!!

And I also got the first two Cherry Ames books! They are
nursing books and sort of mystery books too!

And then, Grammy and Grampy and Aunt Jen came!

Time for brunch! Some delicious Sour Cream Coffee Cake!

Pumpkin bread....

Yummy little quiches! They have eggs,sausage,peppers
and salsa in them! Yum!

Hehe! I caught Grampy right in the middle
of chewing!:)

Aunt Jen

And then, we had a visit from Santa!:)
Our cousin Kyle and his girlfriend April
came over with Grammy and Grampy.
This is what he was wearing when he stepped
out of the car:) He is huge!

More presents, food, laughter and talking!

The boys both got snowboards! Guess what they have been
doing all day??

That is Aunt Jen in the chair, Dad and Kyle on the sofa
and April is next to Kyle.

Then, after Mom and Dad took a nap, we headed down to Nana
and Poppy's for supper! This is the kid's table...

And here is the adults table!

Here are all the American Girl dolls! Cecile, Caroline and Rebecca!

Nana's stocking:)

Their lovely tree!

They have this garland strung right there with little
gold ornaments on it-each one has the name of one of their
foster children-they had a lot! In this one, Poppy was lifting
McKinley up to touch them:)

Here is a colorized version:)

We were Skyping with Aunt Gladys and Uncle Ajax and I was
trying to get a good picture but it turned out like this!
I must say, I like this picture of Poppy!
Sorry about the bad photo-there's Uncle Ajax! He and
Poppy look so much alike.....

Poppy always sets up his old train set! There is the track going all the
way around the tree, and the whole train! The engine has a light that
really shines, smoke that comes out and it even makes noise!
And one of the cars has a security guard chasing a robber!

That is one of our favorite parts! Poppy even lets us take
turns driving!

She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes......

(from left to right) Mom, Aunt Heidi and Nana.

 Well, that's all for now but I'll be back soon with lots more!!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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