Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gift exchange // thank you, Becca

Well, it sure is cold here! It snowed pretty much all day yesterday! But, I'll talk about that in another post:) Onto the subject of this post. In November, I entered a gift exchange on this sweet blog I look at Pearls on a String. I was paired up with an almost 16 year old girl named Becca. She lives in Washington and-are you ready for this?-has 10 siblings! Ranging from 21 to 9 months! *wow* Anyway, the day after I sent out her package, her package came in the mail!! I was so excited! Here are some pictures I took of what she sent me...............

Such nice handwriting compared to mine........I do cursive okay-
but you couldn't understand my printing-I don't understand it half the time!:)

This is such beautiful paper!! I'm saving  it.................:)

All of the little goodies came wrapped.......just like
a real birthday gift!! This book is awesome!
It was written in like 1878 or something and
as I was reading through it, I was like, this
stuff is hard! Victorian children must have been
able to do anything!:)

This beautiful 'Handmade By' stamp-
which I am already finding useful for using on the back of
my cards!

Ohhhhh, boy. Dark Chocolate Hershey Kisses-
let me tell you they did not last long!:)

This beautiful notepad with magnets on
the back! The ladybugs on it are so

There was also an envelope full of stickers!! I love stickers!

And she also included a lovely, seven page
letter! I've read it 6 times so far!

But the highlight of everything was this gorgeous, handmade
apron!! Isn't it gorgeous?!? I told her she should sell them!!
Am I right, or am I right?:)

This is the material on the pink!! How did she know
I like pink?:)

This is the middle material..........those are
my two favorite shades or blue and pink..........they go
so well together!

And the top material. Is not absolutely beautiful!
Plus, a beautiful white trim on top with white lace on the edges!
I haven't worn it yet-it's too pretty to get dirty!!

Well, thanks again Becca for the lovely package- I enjoyed it so much!! And thanks for the sweet post you did on your blog!

Thanks for looking at my blog!



Danielle Marie said...

That is awesome Emma!!:) How fun to send things to eachother!

Hannah said...

That's awesome Emma!! :)