Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hello! I'm back with some Easter photos!! We had a pretty great Easter-around 50-something degrees! I wore a sleeveless dress for the first time!! Well, here goes....................

Pineapple casserole-the highlight of the meal-recipe coming soon!

I made some deviled eggs as an appetizer-yum!

I was trying to catch Poppy sticking his
tongue out-he would do it and then pull it
in right when I clicked the button-the
little stinker-pot

The table........the kids had another small one in the corner-
but I got to sit at the table with the grownups this year!

This is Mom's pretty Royal Mail china that we used

Here are our salt and pepper shakers-the pea pod from
Danny and Gillian's wedding-remember?

Love our Easter eggs!


Poppy laying on the couch.........
And the followup photo:)

Then, here he is again, helping clean off the ham bone:)
Love Poppy-especially when I am the one getting the funny picture
of HIM instead of the other way around.

Carrot cake for dessert-the icing is TO DIE FOR!

I just had to get a picture of the coffee in one of the cups-
just something about black coffee in a chine teacup........

Happy Easter, from the Masses!
Well, that's all for now but I have pictures from our girl day with Grammy coming soon!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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