Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hello! I'm back with pictures! Yesterday, Mom was really busy so Anna, Owen and I had a picnic outside! It was really nice out-in the 50's!! Here are the pictures-------but I must warn you, Owen is pretty cute!

Licorice chunks that Mom had bought at the store

Yum--and healthy!

Lemon Bread! Recipe coming soon!

A little sour cream, some chopped cucumbers, cucumber
slice on top-it is amazing how sophisticated it looks when you
stick a toothpick in the top

Lime slices

A little sugar to sprinkle on the lime

And guacamole sandwiches-yum!

See? What did I tell you?? 

Anna----and no, her hair is not combed

Our feast!


So funny!

I knew this picture was coming

Chica feeling the wind in her fur

That's all I have for today-but I'll be back soon with a recipe and some cards!

Thanks for looking at my blog!



Hannah said...

I love the pictures! :D

Megann said...

You were right, Owen is adorable:)