Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gray days

Gray days. Days full of hopeful waiting for spring to arrive. Days full of good books, rain, tea and mud. Days full of cheerful fires, sunny days, cloudy skies, and blog posts. Days full of letters to friends, doodles, photos, and hope. The sun comes out for just one day, and that days is spent outside, soaking in the sun, lying lazily on the hammock and pretending that spring has come to stay. But wait-you look out the window the next morning, and trace the pattern that the raindrops are making on the window. You hopefully look for the first robin of the year, and are thrilled when not one, but six appear in your yard, only to fly away again to take shelter from the snow and rain. Longing for shorts, sunglasses, beach days, school vacation, swimming in the lake-everything that spring and summer have to offer-but, they still don't come.

March and April are dreary months-but, they are sunny at the same time. One day, the sun is shining, there is  cool breeze, not a cloud in the sky! There are even crocus coming up in the garden. But, the next day, the harsh rain turns the sky dark and cloudy, pushing away the sun, ruining the crocus' hope of blooming for Easter, turning the ground to mud. In those months, it is best to forget the weather, forget about everything, and escape to the wonderful world of Pinterest. After three hours of Pinterest, enter into the blogging world and scroll through blog after blog-some that you haven't looked at for years. And then, grab a cup of tea, a good book, and curl up on your bed to be lost in yet another fantasy land.

My March and April have been filled with................

Crocheted flowers

Awesome pink mustache pen from Justice

Need I say more? I think not

Cross necklace from Claire's

BF necklaces from Claire's

Staring out the window on rainy days

My favorite book series

Staring at this picture-so spring-ish

Quilts and blankets

Piano keys


And photos

That pretty much sums up my gray days. What about yours?

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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Megann said...

You play piano? I play piano, and I have been for 5 years.:)

Thanks for the beautiful post:)