Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Girl day with Grammy

 Hello! I'm back again with photos from mine and Anna's girl day with Grammy a few weeks ago! Oh, boy, I love girl days with Grammy...................and this is why.............

 First of all, she takes us to Goodwill..........

Then to Wendy's for lunch. Here is Anna threatening me with her ketchup. As if.

I am an awesome sister-I mean, what big sister doesn't like to make their little sister look bad?
 Then, of course, Grammy scolding Anna for licking
her fingers and the top of her frosty.

 Then, when we got back to Grammy's house, we had a tea party! (I know, I know-we're a little old for that-but with Grammy, you're never to old)

And of course, the dolls had to have their own tea-let me tell you, they prayed for a really, really, really long time!
 Cheap cookies from the Dollar Tree that smelled and tasted just like play dough...............
 Then, we have our edible lipstick................
 We got your edible ring...........
 And we got your edible bracelet!

Here's a close up of the table.

 Okay, these are such funny videos. We started pretending that Grammy was this old lady who escaped from the nursing home. Every morning, in the breakfast rush when everyone gets their diapers changed, she climbs into the bottom of the laundry basket, and in exchange for cookies smuggled from the kitchen, the laundry man carts her out for six hours of freedom. When new people come in, they try to stop her, but the ones who have been there for a while just say, "Let her run-it's one less to change."
This was her eight escape this year! She's pretty sly, that one.
Then, she and Grampy were talking the other night and she told him, "Albert, you will be one of the crankiest patients in the nursing homes. The girls are just going to leave you. You'll be sitting in your poo for hours." Then she said, "And when I come in and you start ranting at me, that you didn't get this, and you wanted that, I'll just look around at the people and say, 'this guy thinks I'm his wife."

 I love girl days with Grammy.

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Danielle Marie said...

Love this post!!

Megann said...

Sounds Fun:)

Storyteller said...

Awesome!! Yes, days with grammys are fun. :)

Maddi said...

Good photos! I lave time with my granny too!