Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jean's Sleepover!

Hi guys! Remember Jean-the girl who's blog I recommended? Well, she had a sleepover this Friday and invited Anna, me and Madison-another friend. We got to their house around five and we played games on the Wii and stuff and then Madison came and we played more. And we went sledding in the dark! Mr. Andy-Jean's dad-gave us sparklers and candles and we went sledding! Here are some pictures.......

That's Jean on the right and Madison

We also had a small flashlight.

Jean's mom-Wieni-(they're from Indonesia) works at a nail salon and so we waited for her to come home with the pizza! Then, we had pizza,chicken wings and chocolate milk. Then Jean opened presents! Then we had Mint Oreo ice cream while watching AFV-then, Mrs. Syafarudin did our nails!! Here are the pictures............

Madison's nails are first-pink zebra stripes!

Then Anna-blue and purple zebra striped!                                  

Jean didn't want hers done-she tried on her new fake nails instead!
And then the bottom ones are mine-green background with white flowers!

Then, we played Just Dance 4 and talked and talked and talked! The next morning, we took a walk!
This first picture is the icicles on the bridge we went to. Then, there is the brook. The third one is the whole space where we were. Then going from left to right-Jean, Anna and Madison. Then again from left to right, Madison, Jean and Anna. And then the funky shadow photo:) 

I'll be back soon with another post of pictures of Jean's house and photos of Jean and Madison!

Thanks for looking at my blog!



Megann said...

Sounds Fun!!!Hope you had a GREAT Time:)


Hannah said...

Looks soooo fun!!