Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up- Shortbread, Snow and Cuteness

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed that first chapter of At Home in Mitford! I really love those books! I'm currently on the fifth book-A New Song-and reading Anna the second book-A Light in the Window and she is loving them!! Anyway, if you have looked through my 100 in 2013 list, you'll see that one of my goals is to do a 'Weekly Wrap-Up' each week for a month! So, here goes! I think I will probably post them sometime on Friday or Saturday-I just needed something to do so I don't sit in bed like I did all day yesterday! (I was sick, I still am a little:P) Anyway, let's get started! (Since this is my first time, I'll be sort of copying Miss Emily from Borrowing Photographs since she is where I got the inspiration from:)

                        This week I have been................................

                          Reading // A New Song // Secret Sisters Volumes 1-6 // Habibi //

                        Listening to // Disney Songs // John Denver Radio // Elvis Presley Radio //

Enjoying // playing with my new guinea pig // shortbread cookies // the absolute cuteness of my brother's  
                                          hamster // the absolute cuteness of O-Boy

      Not really enjoying // being sick // one snowstorm after another // the endless noise of my house //


Well, that's pretty much all! Oh, the hamster is Ethan's and his name is Butterball and the guinea pig is mine and his name is Truffle:) More pictures of the snow coming soon! Oh yes, I really do like John Denver and Elvis Presley;)

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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