Friday, February 10, 2012

I love girl days-who doesn't?

Hello! Today, Anna and I, went with Grammy for a Girl Day. We went to Goodwill and Michael's and then we went to Wendy's! When Anna went up to go to the bathroom, Grammy and I played a little game we made up where when Anna isn't around, we pretend we don't know who she is! :) Here is how our conversation went.

Grammy: Who is that?
Me: I don't know! I thought she was with you!
Grammy: I thought she was with you! She must be an orphan.sighs.
Emma: She's an orphan that you don't even know and you bought her lunch?!
Grammy: She looked hungry. I guess she hasn't eaten in while!
Emma: Should we take her with us?
Grammy: I suppose we should do our Christian duty.
We both laughed so hard, some people from another table looked over at us like, "What is the matter with them?" Then, we went to Grammy's house and we made Oatmeal Cookies with Butterscotch Morsels. Yum.
Then, we read and then, Grammy brought me and Anna to Art Class. It's being taught by Rebekah LaCourse. You can check out her website, Sweet Almond Studio, just click on the link. She drew the Maine Duck Stamp. The class was really fun. Then Grammy brought us home. I should have taken pictures!! I will next time I go to the library to help. I couldn't this week because the head librarian was home sick.
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mainegirlsgrowingup said...

that was soooo funny i justed
posted u should look!!!! :)

Hana - Marmota said...

(Girl) Days with grandmas are the best. Especially if said grandma is funny, too, which yours clearly is - your conversation made me laugh, too.