Monday, February 27, 2012

Our room

Hello! Yesterday, Mom told me and Anna that we had to clean our room.:( So, lately, Anna and I have really been wanting rooms of our own.(Who doesn't want their own room?) So, then Mom told us that our bunk bed can come apart and can be made into twin beds! (Smart idea Mommy-O:) Idea,idea! So, as you can probably guess, we spent the rest of the afternoon taking our beds apart, arranging our room, and making stuff fit. Anna wants me to let everyone know that these animals are her's and not mine and that they are not for sale. (rolling of eyes here) This is her monkey Curly hanging from the end of the little animal hammock she uses to put some of her animals on.

Then, we perched her blue-jay Rocket, on our curtain rod. It's pretty old,(a little over 10 years to be exact) so they are bending downward a bit.
                                                                                            Then, we put her penguins, Ice and Happy
                                                                                             Feet on the windowsill so they are facing the

Then, Anna had this cute idea of putting her dolphins in the crack where her bed meets the wall so it looks like they are coming up to breath!

This is our bunk-bed before we moved into that room. That was the boys room then.
So that's what our room looked like Before.

This is our room, After. I love it!! Anna's bed is on the left and mine is on the right.
Here is the view from my side.

 And then here is my quilt from Aunt Gladys that we hung on the wall.

Thanks for looking at our new and improved room!

Thanks for looking at my blog!


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Megann said...

Awesome! I love your room!